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For all of our school news throughout the month, please follow our social platforms.  We update our social platforms throughout the month, providing our school community with a plethora of news and updates. We're proud of our social spaces, it ensures that the school has a positive, safe and informative online footprint, enabling our school and wider community to keep up to date with news, events and activities across our school.

Do check them out, there are lots of lovely posts, showcasing the students and their achievements throughout each month. Also, school kudos and an encouragement for local business support, something we're hugely proud of.

We want to be accessible and an inclusive school, so should you not be able to access any of our platforms, it will be emailed to you and on the homepage of our website.

If your child(ren) has achieved something outside of school, possibly at an extra-curricular club or through a community team, and you would like their school to give them a shout-out and acknowledge their hard work and commitment, then get in touch with Lucie Hamblin, our PR/Communications Lead and she will happily highlight to our school Headteachers and share across our school news and social platforms.