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The Purpose of Assessment at Ocklynge

At Ocklynge we have worked to develop a system that enables us to be clear why pupils are being assessed, what the assessment is intended to achieve and how the information will be used.

Pupils are being assessed to:

  • Help drive improvement for pupils and teachers.
  • Give reliable information to parents about how their child, and their child’s school is performing.
  • Make sure that we keep up with external best practice and innovation.

Assessment at Ocklynge will take the form of:

Day to day in-school/in-class formative assessments, for example:

  • Question and answer sessions during lessons.
  • Marking of pupils’ work and providing developmental feedback.
  • Observational assessments.
  • Peer assessments.
  • Scrutiny of books and work to identify pupil attainment and development.
  • Quizzes or quick recap questions at the beginning or end of lessons.

In-school summative assessment, for example:

  • End of term tests.
  • Reviews for pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Statutory National Standardised summative assessments:

  • Key Stage 2 (8-11 year olds) National Curriculum Tests.