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An exciting day at #TeamOcklynge yesterday, with our polling station open ready for all of the children to cast their vote for this year’s Ocklynge Prime Minister. All of the children and our teachers (and even our Executive Headteacher, Mr Murphy) cast their votes, and now the counting begins!
Mrs Bode, Deputy Headteacher, said:-
“Firstly, a huge well done to everyone who applied to become a Member of the Ocklynge Parliament. It was our great pleasure to award the winners in each class with their badges in our vaules assembly.
We all enjoyed some fantastic speeches from our Y6 Members of Parliament. All sharing their passion and enthusiasm as to how they will make Ocklynge even better if they were to be voted in as our Ocklynge Prime Minister. Well done all of you for speaking up! All year groups listened in awe.
We look forward to seeing who has won the #TeamOcklynge vote, watch this space for our Prime Minister and Deputy announcement next week”.
We also took the time to speak to some of our learners, who were all very eager and enthusiastic about the whole process. Here’s what one learner had to say: –
“This morning in the theatre we had to vote for who we wanted to be our Prime Minister. We were given a slip with the Year 6 names on and had to put an ‘X’ in the ballot box of the person we wanted to choose. It was quite exciting, and I didn’t know what a ballot box was before I did it this morning.
We recently voted for our class MPs and we chose Jack and Daisy, who are good people to have represent our class. We’ve been learning all about democracy and how this links to one of our school values (Responsibility) too. I’m looking forward to seeing who will be our Prime Minister and Deputy too”.
Well done to you, we’re glad you enjoyed learning about democracy and how having a school parliament can help reaffirm one of our school valued – ‘Responsibility’ !
We cannot wait to share with you all on Monday who our representative this year will be, one of our #TeamYear6 learners as our chosen PM and, of course, their Deputy. Good luck to all of you and remember, you have already done yourselves proud.
Well done.
Good work #TeamOcklynge!
A student casts her vote.